Biryani Dishes

Shapla Take-Away and Delivery Menu

Our menu includes house special dishes crafted by our professional chefs and also includes popular traditional dishes which we have catered to our customers to years. Our items are prepared using quality and fresh ingredients to provide our customers with the highest quality of food to enjoy. Should you have any queries, Please ask a member of staff when placing your order whether its about any special requirments or allergy concerns.


onions, green peppers, peas and spices, fried with meat, chicken or prawns along with saffron flavoured rice and garnished with sliced tomatoes, cucumbers, lemon and served with an added vegetable curry.


Persian Biryanis

Similar to the traditional biryani but with a greater use of spices, sultanas and peas, Garnished with omeletter and served with a vegetable curry sause.


Vegetarian Biryanis